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Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My DJ name is CassetteDream. When I am not at KZSC I enjoy swimming, studying and riding my bike. My favorite rapper is Earl Sweatshirt. I have an incredible sense of humor and enjoy making people laugh. My favorite movie is 1995 film Ghost in the Shell

What is your favorite thing about radio??

I love being able to share music I like with listeners as well as meeting people who have a similar passion for music as me.

Do you have any special pre-show rituals?

Before every show I go over my playlist one final time to make sure that all the songs are in the correct order and I have enough content for my show. I also make sure to drink a lot of water before and during my show, second only to music hydration is key to a good show.

Throughout your programming career, what has been the best moment?

One time when I was subbing someone’s show a listener called in to tell me that she really loved what I was playing and said that she wished I was the normal host of that show.

What do you think makes kzsc better than other college radio stations?

In my opinion it is all about the DJs. KZSC has such a diverse staff that we are able to program to meet many different musical niches.

What is the story behind your DJ name?

I love the song Vhs Dream by Deerhunter, which got me thinking about the idea of having a dream that could be stored and shared in an analog format. I really liked this concept because with every show I do I am sharing a musical vision that I have, this lead me to the conception of the name CassetteDream.

What is your favorite show to listen to on kzsc?

The Emo Show Null!

If you could give new programmers any advice, what would it be?

Play what you would want to listen to. It is pointless to worry about satisfying all listeners preferences you should just try to have a good time being on the radio.

What’s the hardest part of programming?

Making sure all the songs I play meet both FCC standards and my own standards for radio content.