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I went back to my hometown Vallejo during the spring break and saw nonstop posts on social media about an event called #MoreArtMusic by #MoreArtParty and I definitely wanted to see what all the fuss was about. So, on Saturday, March 25, 2017, I had nothing to do like a regular college student does during a Saturday night but to go to this #MoreArtParty event which was at The Artiszen, a small cultural arts center located in downtown Vallejo at 337 Georgia St.

As I pulled up, I paid $5 upon entry and told everyone “yo I’m riz aka djrsd from 88.1FM KZSC Santa Cruz radio station and I’m from Vallejo covering tonight’s show etc.” I formally met the host Jamez and kindly asked him if I can do an interview with him. We talked for about 10 minutes on why and how he started hosting #MoreArtParty events and he gave a little background about himself.

To get the event started, my high school homie Marcel Cedeno aka onedec came all the way out from UC San Diego to do a two-hour set from 5PM-7PM as guests were still coming in. Onedec covered different genres of music but was very consistent in keeping the groove moving for the two hours. I was also able to get an interview with him, which can be found here. We talked about his process of making music, what he is doing with his life, as to what inspired him to make music.

While onedec was supplying the music, this gave time for guests to chat and look at clothing and art by other talented artists across northern California. Vendors included: @plsmia featured custom designs on pants while @iMischiefs featured clean headgear, as to @jordanjarmin featured his own clothing brand called @baeareabrand, which has some dope designs. An artist @jasminextravie drove all the way from Stockton just to showcase her beautiful art while @yungmmojo aka lil amethyst featured flashy and stylish amethyst crystal necklaces.

Later that night, young and fresh rappers Aizik Rogers aka Xy-Lo and his homie @atribecallednoa aka Ponda got the night officially started off with quick from the top freestyles as emcee MoreArtJamez hyped them up then backed it up with clean ass instrumentals and music. Performers included: @spillatay, @destinyswayne, @donGtheartist, @kerzydeleon, @wavygangshawn, @esoravon@_Jbadge_ and @mr_gotit4cheap. Some of them were able to get back to me and write a quick bio about themselves which can be found below!

“My name is Darick Randolph AkA Stewie, from Benicia, CA. I got my name when I was traveling from place to place on some hot shit. I started making music after I got into some trouble and lost some important people to the system. My music is authentic to the life I lived. I’m just trying to show the ones around me there is more than the streets.”

“My name is Destiny Swayne I am 20 years old and I live in Vallejo CA. I started singing and writing music, (more specifically poetry) when I was seven. I grew up listening to Jazz music and that’s actually had a big influence on my style when it comes to my music. I aspire to show my generation the “realness” in music again and that it’s okay to be honest about your feelings and emotions.”

JBadge is a 19 year old artist coming out of the Bay Area. In his one year of recording he has accomplished a lot by warming his audience up with hit songs such as “Guap,” “Simple,” and many more records. JBadge has planned to release his debut project “Menåce” on 4/20/17 (For twenty Seventeen) featuring five unheard tracks from the versatile MC. He has been on on multiple radio stations and continues to grow and make a name for himself throughout the west coast.”

Anyways, as the night went on, the host Jamez, emceed and DJ’d extremely well throughout the night playing a mix of Bay Area, trap, rap, and hyphy shit which kept the event lit as hell. Events like these need to be on everyone’s radar because this is a step forward towards positive community outreach and unity within friends and peers. Jamez is not only raising awareness for community events for his other promotional friends but he is also showcasing his own #MoreArtMusic event which features talented peers and community on notice.

I am currently already trying to get KZSC Santa Cruz more exposure within UCSC and it’s students and host more positive events that can lead to more trust within the community. I am currently pushing my homie Syy’s event “Portside Part 2” which will take place this upcoming Saturday, April 15, 7PM-Midnight. The first event featured visuals, sounds, and talented performers as I was told it was a first to see an event like that here at UCSC.

I want to deeply thank Jamez for what he has done for the community and will definitely consider on bringing him along the way for promotional reasons!