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Portside II is the second installment of a collaborative art show at UCSC, hosted by @burgundytrees. The goal of Portside is to bring artists of all different mediums together to display and share their passions. Portside is a free and open space for creativity and self expression.

The most recent Portside event took place on April 15, 2017. @rizzystaydizzy got to interview & talk to Portside’s coordinator @burgundytrees during the event!

Got to talk to Syy aka @burgundytrees, a first year at UC Santa Cruz. Syy hosts events like Portside and after his 1st event that happened in March/April. Similar to #MoreArt in Vallejo and other events across the Bay Area, CA, Portside has DJs, emcees, producers, musicians, and artists who come together and use this platform to showcase their talent. Follow burgundytrees on Twitter for more information!

Here is the recap video: