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Since the Spring 2017 quarter has ended, I’ve been doing a number of interviews, trying to help put on these upcoming musicians, especially from the Bay Area.

I interviewed Rubber Band Clan’s finest (RBC) Bugzy from Richmond, California. Bugzy has been on the grind & lowkey in the game for a minute, who is waiting to blow up sooner than later. This was damn near his first official interview. He showed us his new music after which was dope as hell. Be on the lookout for it! Peep the interview below to know more about RBC Bugzy!

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*RBC Bugzy is the 3/6 interviews that I am able to post at this moment, others include HBKPLo (1 of 6; 6/24/17), RexxLifeRaj (2 of 6; 6/24/17), Gary Junior (4 of 6; 6/29/17), HNP (5 of 6; 6/29/17), & UCSC Banana Slug Alum YMTK (6 of 6; 7/15/17)*