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Interview and Review by: Julissa Garcia

Caleb Parker, once a young boy from Sacramento, blossomed into an artist who makes music to inspire change. Now greatly known as Caleborate, his persistence and humility has moved him towards doing what he loves and sharing his amazing musical talent out with the world. As an up-and- coming artist, Caleborate aspires to work against the grain and bring a new sound into mainstream music.

Caleb grew up living between his divorced parents and mentioned not really being able to make connections with people due to his constant moving between cities. What is most respectable though, is how he spoke about being open-minded about the instability instead of growing negative feelings towards the situation. He speaks very highly of his family and friends, truly speaking genuinely of them all. Through Caleb’s adolescence, he worked various jobs to sustain himself, but one thing he kept constant was his music. Since he was 16, Caleb, Caleborate, spent a lot of his time listening to beats and writing and hasn’t stopped since. He dedicated his life to it and speaks of loving his art and where it has taken him. Caleb made the decision to drop out of college and has since made significant growth with his music. Though he did mention that school was definitely something he wants to continue as soon as he possibly can get back to it, claiming that knowledge is power and he highly respects the opportunity to sit in a classroom to obtain growth from it.

In his most recent album Real Person, he talks about his struggles of losing friends, living in financial struggle, dealing with mental illness, and just what it means to him to be a real person. His whole album comes with unique sounds and a smooth flow. At his concert at the Catalyst on February 28th, he performed with great humility and joy. His interaction with the crowd made the whole scene comfortable and intimate. It was very noticeable that he is so grateful and appreciative to be where he is at in his life and appreciative of his growing, loyal fanbase. The connection he has with his team, his musical community that he has built, are definitely people that he claimed he was so thankful for. It was one of the most inspiring concerts.

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twitter: @CALEBORATE
soundcloud: Caleborate