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by Paola Barreto

Raveena Aurora’s voice is as smooth and slowly captivating as “Honey”, the title of her 2018 single. The 24 year old Sikh-American R&B singer has been gaining traction and is close to reaching one million listeners a month on Spotify. She even has a spot performing at Tyler the Creator’s music festival this year, Camp Flog Gnaw. Here are three songs to check out:


Sunflowers, pearls, gold, milk, lip gloss, and mehndi. The single “Honey” came out May 2, 2018. It’s a song about ending your day in a warm, calm, and lovely way. The video’s aesthetic holds a hazy warm glowing dream that sticks to you along with Raveena’s steady unwinding voice. It depicts an inclusive visual of love and positive LGBTQ representation with POC same-sex partners in video.

“I sleep better without you around…it’s too late to hold me” Raveena sings smiling.  “If Only” is a song off her 2017 EP Shanti and its words echo independence. She proclaims it’s too late with lyrics like “you still don’t understand, a woman is holy” and in return wraps self worth in her message. This song is one of healing and moving on from toxic relationships.  

Blush blossoms, Nikes with frilly ankle socks, blood oranges, long necklaces, glistening chokers, and ladybugs. “Sweet time” is another song off the EP Shanti, which is as delightful to consume as the light shades of pinks and fresh raspberry stains in its music video. The song, with lyrics like “I’ve been meditating, I stopped medicating, I’m taking advice from the moon”, is an anthem of self-care.