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It’s the time of the season where sweaters get itchier and pumpkins get spicier and suddenly a day on your couch under a weighted blanket staring at how the rain droplets on the window form a scary face doesn’t sound too bad. In your mind you tell yourself, if only that scary face were indeed your companion for the long, cold, and dreary holiday season to come.  Don’t be feel lonely, friend, for we have a little over two hours of companionship for you. Lo and behold, three different playlists for you to sip your PSL to.

cuffin szn by dj saratonin

RIYL: jangley bedroom pop, the way Erykah Badu can make anything sound safe and warm, typing without capital letters

this is the cuffing season playlist i made. It’s short n sweet, and covers the spectrum of all the different feelings you can have this cuffing season. – dj saratonin

A Mellow Fall by Wax Ecstatic

RIYL: guitar driven indie rock and indie folk, contemporary funk, french things

A mix of new tracks and mainstays—instrumental funk tracks by Khruangbin and The Olympians, gritty classics from T Rex and the Velvet Underground. Best enjoyed with a cup of tea staring at the trees. Go to for when the fog rolls in. A slow burn, an hour and a half to relax. – Wax Ecstatic

sad fall tings by DJ Hari

RIYL: coming of age movies that take place in small town USA, the Jackie Brown soundtrack, saying “hello darkness my old friend” when your mom forgets your birthday

Songs about food, songs about love, songs about heartbreak, songs about lakes, songs about sweaters, songs about the weather. – DJ Hari

dj saratonin and Wax Ecstatic are new volunteers at KZSC.

Listen to DJ Hari on Parts Unheard, Wednesdays, 10PM-midnight.