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Recently christened KZSC DJ, Blucat, shares his Top 10 Albums of 2018.

Musas By Natalia Lafourcade

10. Natalia loufocarde- Musas Vol.2- The Second installment to Natalia Loufocarde’s Musas. The artist and her merry band, Los Macarenos, bring listeners another album of southern American Folk music. Natalia performs with incredible ambition and uses the culture and tradition as important ingredients to her music. This album can be a peace of mind for some, or brings a bit of nostalgia for others. Overall, highly reccommend!



9)U.S Girls- In a poem unlimited: U.S Girls has switched up the alternative game. This wonderful album uses blues, synth pop, and rock to bring you a series of groovy tracks. Contextualizing the importance of taking risks, disconnecting yourself from toxic relationships, and moving on. Artist Meg Remy definitely has her inspirations on her sleeves!


Sleep The Sciences 1524167366 Compressed1 1524186011 Compressed

8)Sleep- The Sciences- Iconic doom metal band sleep returns with an out-of-this-world project. The sciences is a non-stop ride of groovy guitar riffs and heavy power chords. Loud, but will leave listeners with the feeling of being an unstoppable but cool cat.


Rosalía El Mal Querer

7)Rosalía- El Mal Querer- Pop, Hip Hop, and Spanish Flamenco is the name of the Game in Rosalia’s Sophomore album. This album brings dreamy synth and pop to spanish roots. Bringing listeners themes of tragic love, redemption, and flexing your creativity in the face of adversity. Heads up: the album is in SPANISH (sorry, not sorry)


The Hermit And The Recluse Orpheus Vs The Sirens

6)Hermit and the recluse (Ka)- Orpheus Vs. The sirens. Ever Listen to Noir Rap? Introducing Ka into the mix. Hermit and the Recluse introduces listeners to the genre of noir rap. Ka and co. produce a short EP that historicizes Greek mythology and highlights the artist’s emergence into the Rap game. 



5)Anderson .Paak- Oxnard- YES LAWD! .Paak returns in mid November to bring you Oxnard. The young artist makes an anticipated return to his lovely Ventura County hometown. .Paak introduces listeners to the lessons he’s learned during his travels in 2018. Drawing scenarios that placed his confidence, ego, and ability to connect with others to the test. Admist all these situations, he is more than happy to put up with the price of fame.  This album was also co-produced by Hip Hop’s first Billionaire: Dr.Dre. Highly Recommend.


Jean Grae Quelle Chris Everything’s Fine

4)Jean Grae and Quelle Chris- Everything’s fine- Underground Rapper Quelle Chris returns with a full-length project alongside with fellow artist Jean Grae. This album commentates on the state of Post-trump America and even draws a few skits that satirizes the lengths people go to in order to achieve wealth and fame. Hip Hop heads looking  for conceptual rap must listen.


Death Grips Year Of The Snitch

3)Death grips- Year of the snitch- For all you unorthodox listeners. If anyone could pinpoint the adrenaline rush of a roller coaster, it’d be MC Ride. YOTS is a crazy ride from start to finish, bringing listeners a new blend of Rap/industrial punk/metal. Caution: this album is prone to make you mosh!


Blood Orange Negro Swan

2)Blood Orange- Negro Swan- Spoken word meets Black identity. Blood Orange makes a comeback with a full-length LP that questions the validity of one’s identity, inner beauty, and happiness in the face of exploitation and discrimination. As a bonus: the artists collaborate across numerous international recording studios and performs every track with various kinds of instruments.  



1)Daughters – you won’t get what you want- This album isn’t for the faint of heart. Strictly industrial metal. With a twist of eerie doom power chords and intense garage drumming. The energy this album brings is absolutely terrifying! Beware: this project will take you to a hopeless abyss where you are being chased… Forever.