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by Erik Lafferty

“If he said, take this knife and cut your throat, I would have done it. You might say that it was a first for me too: Love.”

This quote is from one of my favorite novels, Bangkok 8. It encapsulates a foreign desire some of us experience when we come across a person who manages to infiltrate our private mind. We become addicted to their very being. We fall in love.

Let’s disregard Valentine’s Day. A day for lover boys and girls to express their lust and emotional attachment more than a typical day. But I can’t lie either- I love love songs. Whether they’re about falling out of a deep love trance as in We Had to End It by Cuco, or the thrills of a blossoming attraction in Haroinfather’s lovey dovey inspired Mia Wallace, I am fascinated by an individual’s perception on what love is and the ineffable emotions one experiences.

Without further ado, I present Gone Girl, a playlist to invoke whatever love, and lust mean to you.