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by dj melanchollie

Cherry Glazerr played at the Catalyst last Monday on their Stuffed and Ready tour, proving that despite a myriad of lineup changes since the band’s modification of the trios original sound, they still managed to deliver the disenchanted Burger kid essence of their lo-fi garage rock roots. Still fronted by Clem Creevy, their sound is crafted with a slightly more polished format and adult approach.

I never got to witness Cherry Glazerr live in the prime of their Haxel Princess days, and was initially suspicious that the refined three piece band wouldn’t inspire the teen rage fueled mosh that would’ve been inherent to a Cherry Glazerr show circa 2014.

However after informing my father that I would be covering the concert, I described the band he’s vaguely heard me listen to throughout my high school years. In which he responded with adequate confusion and mild shock upon googling the band, continuing to prove that once and for all Cherry Glazerr is still hip with the kids.

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To my pleasant surprise the first half of their setlist was composed mainly of their early work, and a modest pit of sweaty teens began to form in the heart of the Atrium, as Clem’s shrieks and bombastic guitar riffs echoed throughout the Catalyst. The rest of the night featured a mix of tracks from Apocalipstick and the bands latest release Stuffed and Ready. It quickly became evident that Cherry Glazerr’s trademark adolescent anger had not necessarily dissipated from the group’s style. Their poignant sarcasm is still present and evolving from the satirical animosity in Whites Not My Color This Evening, to the mature abrasive anger on Daddi. The soundtrack spawned a decent mosh pit, featuring one short lived instance of crowd surfing and an exuberant fellow in the middle of the crowd dedicated to swinging his shoe about for the duration of the show. It was quite the evening for Burger kids everywhere.