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Tierra Whack has been killing it recently. Her debut, Whack World, which released last year, was praised by many for its unique style and format, with each song being only a minute long, coming out to 15 tracks. Previously going under the name Dizzle Dizz, the North Philly rapper isn’t staying silent for long. The singles began dropping on February 19th, with the release of ‘Only Child’, and then were followed up every week with a new track. The most recent release, ‘Wasteland’, was released yesterday, making it the fourth track under the ‘Tierra Tuesdays’ series (or #whackhistorymonth, as the MC herself calls it). Not only are all the songs great, but they each feature unique flows and styles that is all her own.

All the songs are produced by Nick Verruto, with KVYREN assisting with the first single, ‘Only Child’. Verruto hasn’t seen too much work, and seems relatively new, with production credits on a 2016 Meek Mill song as well as some songs off of Whack World, such as ‘Hungry Hippo’, ‘Cable Guy’, and ‘Hookers’.   

‘Only Child’ and ‘Wasteland’ are the more melodic cuts of the four, while ‘CLONES’ and ‘Gloria’ take more of a traditional hip-hop approach. ‘CLONES’ in particular takes more of a modern trap sound, in terms of flow and beat. Despite this, Tierra’s voice still manages to make the song unique and fun. Her delivery is relaxed and confident, and her singing on ‘Wasteland’ and half-sung, half-rapped hook on ‘Gloria’ sound great. Whack doesn’t seem to be constrained by her one-minute format choice for her debut, as the songs feel mostly fleshed out. One thing of note is that the songs seem a bit repetitive towards the latter half, however, there is definitely heaps of potential in all four of these songs and they are all exciting teasers to hopefully an upcoming project by an up and coming female voice in the hip-hop scene.


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Written by: John Yu