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by jinx & kaviar of Queen Beats

On February 26th, Queen Beats traveled through the rain to Cafe du Nord for Kodie Shane at Noise Pop fest. Kodie Shane or “Young Heart Throb” as some know her, is a 20 year-old blooming hip hop artist from Atlanta, GA. In the past three years alone, she has released four full-sized albums with features from the likes of stars such as Lil Yachty and Trippie Redd. She’s brought her own fresh, youthful, talented, and bold perspective to modern hip hop— and it’s just what we’ve all been craving. As she entered the stage at Cafe Du Nord, her eyes were wide with excitement and she immediately engaged with her cheering fans. She danced wildly across the stage, singing of love, heartbreak and loving yourself. A few songs in, she pulled out a bouquet of roses and handed them out one by one to her adoring fans.

Despite her incredible success already, it is clear Kodie Shane has barely scratched the surface of what she will create in her musical career. She encapsulates a sound that modern hip hop is embracing more and more every day, while simultaneously making music that is very much her own. While we wait, our suggestions for getting started with Kodie Shane are “Nola,” “Sing to Her,” and “Sad.” And if you like what you hear, tune into Queen Beats every Tuesday night form 10pm to midnight for more incredible femme and gender non-conforming artists in hip hop!