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Untitled Drawing

KZSC would like to thank Noise Pop for letting us cover the festival! In case you missed it, here are links to our 2019 Noise Pop coverage.

djsap and DJ Hari on Princess Nokia

 In the end it wasn’t an end to a show, rather a goodbye for now from Princess Nokia.

On Assignment: A Transformative Night with Princess Nokia @ Noise Pop 2019

DJ Blucat on Daughters

The Band’s overall performance was an intoxicating madness.

On Assignment: DJ Blucat sees Daughters @ Noise Pop 2019

Queen Beats on Kodie Shane

Despite her incredible success already, it is clear Kodie Shane has barely scratched the surface of what she will create in her musical career.

On Assignment: Kodie Shane @ Noise Pop 2019

DJ Unknown on Tommy Newport

Tommy Newport and his opening acts intertwined with each other’s music style, and created a harmonious atmosphere where everyone was engaged with the music, and each other.

On Assignment: Videos from Tommy Newport @ Noise Pop 2019

Isabella Balbi on Los Walters

Los Wálters closed out the night to a dynamic crowd of mildly drunk bodies who flopped around eagerly to the Puerto Rican duos electronic synth pop.

On Assignment: Los Walters @ Noise Pop 2019

Sunday Valentine on Current Joys

Some crowd members danced while holding dolls of babies in the air. An oddity to see.

On Assignment: Photos of Current Joys @ Noise Pop 2019