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by DJ Cheeto

Nashville-born guitarist Melanie Faye has recently gained national fame over a course of four years since she made the bold decision to drop out of her sophomore year of high school to focus on her blossoming musical career. Recently 21, Faye expresses a multitude of complex emotions through the pleasant sounds of guitar riffs reminiscent of her Instagram handle— Rainbow_Fever_1998_.  If Melanie Faye could exude an actual image of what her music sounds like, then I would imagine it would look exactly like a rainbow— entailing all of the satisfying auras of happiness and merriment…At least that’s how I feel whenever I listen to her music, anyway.

Since her recent increase in popularity, Faye has been able to tour with some well-known names such as Mac Demarco and Maggie Rogers. As being an opening act for artists like Demarco and Rogers, Faye continues to grow in popularity while gaining recognition through the sweet lullabies of electric guitar and the soothing tones of her voice. While Faye often pays homage to her artistic influences by posting covers to her Instagram and YouTube pages, she also has produced a song of her own called Eternally 12 (featuring Mac Demarco). Other songs like Acid R&B 5 are produced by Faye and Heavy Mellow, while Faye is also featured in the song b cool, produced by another new and upcoming artist named Magroove.

If you still aren’t impressed with Melanie Faye’s work, I would also like to mention that she learned the foundations of playing a guitar within a mere 30 days of first obtaining a guitar when she was seventeen. Though it’s clear that Faye obtains a natural gift for electric guitar, her hard work and countless hours of practicing is nothing short of praiseworthy performance. By introducing the world with the most tranquilizing melodies, Melanie Faye continues to shape the world of neo-soul and R&B. Check out her YouTube channel here as well as her Instagram page if you want to enter the satiating world of Melanie Faye.