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by Sunday Valentine

On May 12th LA Rock Band Starcrawler played at The Catalyst in downtown Santa Cruz. They performed songs from their self titled album “Starcrawler”. Vocalist Arrow de Wilde moved turbulently, dropping to the ground various times and reaching high at others. Her mic followed her and even ended up in her pants at one point. She intimately made connections with the crowd pulling people in close, while singing. Feeling the music, she grabbed a water bottle and he poured it all over the front row. Guitarist Henri Cash mirrored de Wilde’s energy.  The tassels on his bright fusha button up flaid around as he danced across the stage. In-between songs he switched between his multiple guitars; each one bringing a joy to his face. During the last song, de Wilde jumped off the stage, ran through the crowd, went out the door, and didn’t come back. The band continued playing, until they decided to hand off their instruments to the crowd, leaving the stage open to all.