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by DJ Odd Tree

As we entered the spooky week prior to Halloween, we also entered Scorpio season! Ruled by both Mars and Pluto, scorpions are best known for being fiery, fearless, and confident individuals. They take to heart a kind gesture and will always be loyal to their friends, but watch out if you ever cross a Scorpio: they never forget nor do they ever forgive. If you ever seek advice from a Scorpio, know that they are not the gentlest of signs and will tell you exactly what you need to hear, even if the truth is brutal. Those born from October 24 to November 22 are extremely passionate people, which can be expressed through music for artists like Frank Ocean, SZA, Neil Young, and multiple members of Eagles (Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh, and Timothy B. Schmidt). Enjoy these emotional songs some of the most iconic Scorpios have to offer.