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By DJ TABS (Tabatha Ruiz)

For those of you who are interested in the music scene and are ready to come out and make appearances amidst this Pandemic and tiresome quarantine, you should definitely check out some of these Local Bay Area Dj’s who have come together to give you guys a night of new music, sounds and a sense of normalcy one again in all the chaos we a community have been facing.  

Crash Course is a collective of like minded individuals who are dedicated to the underground music scene, and treasure vibes most when it comes to bringing their audience an experience. I wouldn’t skim by this, if your someone whos interested as well you should go check out their page on Facebook @CrashCourse 

If you love house, Tech-no, Hip Hop and an assortment of various mashup genres check out Crash Course and these amazing artists for more events, music and media. Trust when I say they get down!

About the Artists:

DJ WATTS is an up and coming artist who is making his way up if you want to check him out his Instagram is @watts_up where you can find more exclusive content and events he will be playing here in the bay. In terms of more major events he will be playing at Destino Todo Santos Baja California Event July 16-19th  with LOVE GINA. Another festival DJ WATTS will be playing at is the first Annual Great Awakening three day Camping festival up north of California June 18th – 21st. DJ WATTS is also currently in the process of dropping new tracks hopefully soon on Tall Door Records so keep a lookout! Also check out the crash course sound cloud @Crash Course for more content. 

DJ LOVE GINA is a DJ baddie, working producer and just like WATTS will be bringing you new music soon, check out her soundcloud @Love, Gina for or music and other content. Here is her Instagram as well for more media and other information: As well as Destino Todo Santos Baja California Event July 16-19th with WATTS as well. 

DJ DICK DANIELS hand us vibes with his clean transitions, he can be found @damn_daniieeellll on instagram, however more content can be found @Crash Course on soundcloud as well as his personal @DickDaniels$ for more mixes and tracks. 

DJ LUONGEVITY has been a part of this collective for a while just like many of the other members from crash course who are showcased in this event. You can find more of this content and information on future events @luongevity_ on Instagram. 

DJ Alexander as well has established his own collective known as BootsNCats where you can find more content, events and Info @bootsncatsent on Instagram as well as his personal Instagram



He’s also recently dropped some new content – Sex & Technology (Remixes)

Sex & Technology (Remixes) by CYN, DEM2, Mikey Barreneche, Edgavr Romero, Chango, 96 Vibe, MATTNEZZ, Alexander. More information of Twitch events and media can be found at at his link Tree page at this link:

I’m terms of Events, Alexander will always be opening for Golf Clap at the Midway in SF this Saturday June 5th starting at 11am.

DJ BPHE passing along the hype can be found on Instagram @b.phe_house. He is also a part of @sessionscolective and @popgangrecords. 

DJ WUZKRAAKEN can be found on instagram @wuzkraaken and soundcloud @wuzkraaken

DJ KENNYCORDEIRO can be found at @kennycordeiro on Instagram and more music @Kenny Cordeiro on Soundcloud.

I’m happy to be able to bring to life some of what’s going down here in the bay and showcase such amazing people who are bringing culture here to the bay. Please turn in to Chill Summit every Friday night/ Saturday morning from 12am-2am for more info on Bay area artists as well as mixes made by them and new music! 

Hope you are able to make it out to F8 Sunday night, and check out future events. Stay safe and stay healthy everyone!

Thank you! From DJ TABS