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Written by DJ Locrian 

Based out of Los Angeles, Duncan Hartwell a producer, singer songwriter, and also tours around california as a lead guitarist for many churches. This artist is a multi-instrumentalist playing through different music mediums such as guitar, keyboard, saxophone, vocals, whatever you’re feeling really. He enjoys exploring every sound. He’s also got a versatile taste in the music that he writes. In his songs you can hear him taking inspiration from 70s/80s RnB & Rock to 40s & 50s big band all the way to current day Indie Rock, RnB & Gospel. 

“Creating sonic environments that leave you with a feeling and that truly take you to another dimension is really what im about.” – Duncan. Mixing and mashing genres within his music, you’ll never know where you’ll be taken to. “My main goal is really to turn those 3:30 seconds into a brief peek into my reality. A reality where sound conjures up cerebral images and overwhelming feelings.” Surrounding himself with such diverse music, Duncan is really about using every color known to man to create new combinations of color within his sound.

Here is what Duncan has to say about his upcoming EP “Im really trying to bring people to places when they listen to my music. Thats what my favorite music does, it takes me out of reality for a second. I just start jamming out to a really good song and my whole day feels better. That’s the feeling im trying to convey through this new EP “Good Morning” In his recent release “Lemonade”, the first song on the upcoming EP, you can really hear the diversity with his choice of instrumentation. His use of orchestral elements with in this song is also a good symphonic blend between both contemporary and modern styles.

“With my music I want to touch people and catch em off guard, but with the community im building Im really trying to help combat the injustices we see in everyday life. I want to help the oppressed and provide an opportunity for others to do the same. This is why I created Rose Colored Rhythms, an economically conscious & environmentally friendly humanitarian activist group thats whole goal is to build a better future. “This organization is my way of using my gifts, knowledge, as well as my passion for helping people and the environment, to be a good example and providing easy opportunities for the community to do the same. We host events to raise awareness to our causes and serve as an eco friendly fashion outlet.” 

Overall this upcoming artist is showing a lot of promise to the music community and to many global communities at large with his mission and purpose. Check out his upcoming EP Good Morning which is available on all streaming platforms November 19. I also invite you to check out everything him and his group are doing at Rose Colored Rhythms.


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