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Written by Haley Young

The band B Boys released an epic album called Dada in 2017 that blends fast punchy rock with some punk undertones, like Parquet Courts on steroids. It’s one of those magic albums where every single song is so good you can’t skip it. From fast punchy riffs and powering through power chords with a sexy bass line to slower math rock-esque jams, this album has it all. It’s less singing and more chanting, yelling, and talking, with lyrics ranging from random to punk and anarchist. B Boys Anthem, their most popular song as a whole, is truly an anthem you can get pumped to. Psycho is more punky, with super fast riffs and louder vocals. Then on I you get a slower song with math rock-esque riffs. Even the interlude hits hard, and that’s how you know this throwback to the 90’s era is a keeper. In fact, I may even like them better than Parquet Courts—and before you protest, listen to this album!