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Faye Is God

KZSC Librarian Dare I say this album is genius? This was my exact response after listening to Faye Webster’s new album, “Underdressed at the Symphony,” for the third time. The first couple singles to come out–”But Not Kiss,” “Lifetime,” and…

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Album Art For I Am The Dog By Sir Chloe. Lead Singer Dana Foote Hugs A Fluffy White Sheep In A Dim, Disheveld Room.

The Hunger of I Am The Dog

  by Zane Bird Refreshing, hard-hitting and intoxicating. And most of all hungry. This sapphic, demonic, indie rock album will have you wanting another plate. Sir Chloe’s debut album is extremely balanced yet backed by a restrained ferocity. The Vermont…

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KZSC’s Top Albums of 2022

By KZSC Rock Director At the end of 2022 KZSC's Music Department and various DJs collaborated to make a year-end list of our favorite albums. Here are some of our favorite releases of 2022 in alphabetical order <33 The 1975…

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New Album Review: ‘SAP’ by Okay Kaya

By Ryan Davis Alternative pop artist Okay Kaya released her newest and third album ‘SAP’ on November 4th of this year. Kaya Wilkins wrote, performed, engineered, and produced the album, which features many other artists, including Adam Green, Zannie, Deem Spencer,…

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