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Written By Sandrine Bekono

Jack Harlow currently reigns as the white boy of the moment, move over Timothée Chalamet, a new white boy has emerged to steal the hearts of many and maybe the culture. On May 6, 2022, Louisville’s newest export Jack Harlow, released his second album entitled, Come Home The Kids Miss You, The album is a  3 out of 5 at best. The album lacks luster, with many songs sounding as if they were recorded in the same studio one after the other. The four features on the album include Lil Wayne, Pharrell, Justin Timberlake, and Drake. My question to Harlow is how are you going to let Aubrey Graham (aka Drake) with the cornfade lyrically body you on your own song via the track “Churchill Downs”? The inclusion of Justin Timberlake on “Parent Trap” was a wasted opportunity vocally as Timberlake is used for a  “La, la-la-la-la, la-la” outro, chorus duet, and a half-ass Timbaland beat towards the end of the track.

White Boys Can’t Rap


Photo courtesy of Urban Wyatt

The Pharrell feature track ¨Movie Star¨ has his signature four-count intro and adds flavor to the blandness of the album. Harlow’s lyrics give absolute dust, and the only thing holding this song together is Pharrell’s bass synth. ¨Poison¨ the Lil Wayne feature is the definition of lazy and repetitive. I think it’s about that time for Wayne and his dreads to retire. Look, I get the Harlow slander, he’s a mediocre rapper riding high with a Black woman support group (myself included), but I think an argument can be made for some of these other rappers who are on the same if not on a lower level of skill as Jack Harlow. This album had too many skips, which I did not expect since Harlow usually puts out a couple of decent bops (¨What’s Poppin¨, ¨GHOST¨, and ¨I WANNA SEE SOME ASS¨). As a Jack Harlow fan, one word to describe this album is disappointing. Don’t get it twisted, though, I will still ride for my man. 

Songs I did not skip: ¨Dua Lipa¨, ¨Like A Blade Of Grass¨, and ¨Lil Secret¨