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By Natalie Gerber

Ray Bull’s New EP Know By Now Review

Ray Bull Know By Now
EP Cover Art by Ray Bull

Ray Bull, an alternative duo based in Bushwick Brooklyn, just released a four song EP that has invaded my mind. I discovered their music last summer through a friend and have been keeping up with them since. This EP includes three previously released singles from 2022 and of course their new song, “Know By Now.” I had no idea what to expect as their music always brings me into a liminal state.

When the first song, “Know By Now,” started to play, the fast pace drumming had me immediately dancing. It almost feels like the song is a conversation between the artists, Tucker and Aaron. I am not sure if it is based off of them or something else, but the lyrics portray an intimate back and forth exchange between what feels like lovers. This song could have multiple interpretations, but that is just my take on it. I love the almost hyper-pop sound that they are exploring, it tickles my brain.

The second song, “Name Something Better,” has a similar sound to the previous one. The beat is slower but has the same hyper-pop vibe. The lyrics in this one are more one sided in my opinion, and portrays someone yearning after another person. It almost sounds like a love letter and brought out a lot of tender feelings. The end of the song switches from a consistent beat to a lulling sound that is otherworldly. 

The third song,” Nevr,” seems like the odd one out from the bunch. It starts off with a xylophone type of sound and maintains an upbeat tone. The almost cheerful tone overpowers the ominous lyrics that I am having trouble interpreting. I know at the very least, it is about a lover again, I just don’t know the underlying message. 

The fourth song, “Go Home,” is hands down my favorite from the EP. I think the lyrics give the short record a perfect ending along with the mellow tone with some groovy drums. Whoever this song is about, they sound almost lost. Since I am going home soon for summer break, this one has resonated so deeply with me and has been on repeat. 

When I listen to albums for the first time, or in this case EPs, I like to draw based on what i’m hearing. I thought I would include my obscure sketch as it portrays exactly what I felt when listening.

Img 4637 2
        Drawing by Natalie Gerber