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Photo Taken By Divisuals
Lightning In A Bottle interactive display. Photo taken by DIVISUALS.

Lightning In A Bottle is a festival unlike any other. It is a celebration of human life. The massive festival grounds provide a space where a diverse group of individuals come together and contribute their talents and shared love to create a transformative experience. It is a celebration of feeling accepted in a place where you can be free from judgment and celebrate community, creativity, and connection.

The festival provides a platform for artists to showcase their talents, vendors to share their creations, performers to captivate audiences, musicians to entertain, teachers to share their knowledge, and thought leaders to inspire with their ideas. LIB features a diverse line-up of musicians, performers, workshops, learning experiences, and interactive art installations which allows attendees to engage with their surroundings, fostering a sense of wonder all while allowing them to explore, learn, connect, and grow.

As you enter the festival grounds, you really do feel like you are in wonderland. The learning experiences and workshops allow you to engage, learn, self-reflect, and heal from all things that have weighed you down. This beautiful experience allows you to dive deep into your childlike mind and explore all things that have created barriers for you to reach your full potential.

DoLab is the creative team and production company behind Lightning In A Bottle. The company’s name is derived from “doing” and “laboratory,” representing their mission to create transformative spaces for artistic expression and connection. DoLab’s stages and art installations are often characterized by their intricate and visually stunning designs which incorporate elements of architecture, sculpture, and interactive features to create immersive environments that captivate festival-goers. While we were captivated by some of the installations which include climbing ladders, walking through changing lights, and moving vehicles that individuals hopped on and off of while walking through the festival, we were truly blown away by the magic in each and every installation.

Photo By Divisuals
Opening Ceremony. Photo by DIVISUALS

As we entered the festival on Friday we stumped upon the Fire Opening Ceremony which was a cultural experience in which the performers blessed the space we were in. Watching them perform was truly magical as we all gathered around the fire and watched the sunset. During every sunset, we all gathered around the beautiful Buena Vista Lake and howled like wolves releasing our energy into the open space as we prepared for each eventful night. Although during the day the weather was extremely hot, the festival provided many spaces where attendees gathered and either did a yoga class or attended one of the learning experiences in a shady area which not only allowed you to be engaged but also allowed you to cool off and break those barriers that life generally would be holding you back from.


Photo Taken By Divisuals
The Woogie Stage

All weekend long we were captivated by the magic of The Woogie Stage. The Woogie Stage is a place like no other. A place where you can let go of all fear and dance freely without a care in the world. It is a place where you get lost in the transition of life all while finding yourself in the most beautiful way. Some of the performances we enjoyed at the Woogie included Purple Disco Machine, Diplo, and Cassian. Our favorite performance was definitely Zhu, an artist who headlined the festival this year. We also enjoyed walking by the Junkyard which was another stage that constantly had great music that would captivate you each time you walked by stopping you to take a dance break. The Thunder stage also had that effect. Although the Thunder stage mainly included music that had heavy bass tones it was fun walking by and head-banging without a care in the world.

While it was an honor that we got to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of LIB, some of the changes I would like to see for next year would be better food choices. Although they had many different food choices to offer and many vegan and vegetarian options, both years I have attended the festival I have not been amazed by the food. Each time the vendor which I got food from relied heavily on the cheaper ingredients and less on protein-filled options which for the price and event is what attendees need in order to sustain themselves through the 5 days.

With that being said all in all this is one of our favorite festivals and experiences. Not only do we feel like we have grown each time we have attended, but as soon as we come back home and come back to reality we feel extremely sad that it’s all over and have to wait until next year to experience it again. It’s important to note that the experience and perception of a festival like LIB can vary from person to person. Some individuals may have different preferences or expectations, so it’s always helpful to research more about the festival, check out reviews from past attendees, and consider your own interests and preferences before making the decision to attend. If you want an experience like no other this festival is generally the one I always recommend because you have the ability to learn so much not only about the world but about yourself. We can’t wait until next year and hope to see you all there.

Photo By Sydneewilson
Photo by Sydneewilson
Photo By Divisuals