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Written by Andrew Mcintosh

Punk, Rock, and Psychedelia. Wine Lips manages to beautifully mix these three genres into an entirely new sound. Starting as just three roommates in different bands, they came together in 2017 to start an “easy punk band.” They began writing quicker songs mostly on the spot. As their other bands dissolved, they evolved from a simple punk band to an intricate blend of different music forms. Their first album titled “Wine Lips” best demonstrates their early stages of music production. In their newest release, “Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party,” they manage to keep the key essential elements of their first album while adding in a refined, well-established tone that boasts a more creative mixture of sounds. This evolution in musical creation can best be heard in “Suffer the Joy” and “Fingers.”



The title of Wine Lips’s newest album, “Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party,” was crafted from picking out the main theme of different songs on the album and mashing them into one. Cam Hilborn, the lead singer, and guitarist of Wine Lips talks about how some of Bummer Party was written pre-pandemic, but a lot of it was written in the middle of quarantine. He also mentions how they got to work on the album much more than they thought they would have, making quarantine a very productive time for the band. A lot of the time, Cam will write his parts of the songs and then bring them into the band to do what they want on them. Even though much of their songs are recorded with solely electric guitar, Hilborn frequently uses acoustic guitar when initially writing on his own. Go check out “Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party” by Wine Lips for 33 minutes of Punk, Rock, and Psychadelic bliss!