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Elisapie Artwork 4000X4000 Finalsans 1674761662
Photography by Leeor Wild

By Amahli Vivian

Almost two months into the academic year and I’ve completed my first NACC charts! This week of the international/world charts was as diverse as the “genre” name implies.

Standout of the week: Elisapie’s Inuktitut. Rearranging, translating and covering a variety of (English) rock classics into Inuktitut sung by Inuk Elisapie Issac creates a thoughtful and powerful listening experience.

Top 10:

  1. Elisapie, Inuktitut
  2. Don Kipper, Always Can’t Go On Forever
  3. Don Letts, Outa Sync
  4. Wax Machine, Glimmer [Single]
  5. Dengue Fever, Ting Mong
  6. Claudia Villela, Cartas ao Vento
  7. Opez, “Venezia” [Single]
  8. Soema Montenegro, “Caminante” [Single]
  9. Los Bunkers, “Infiel” [Single]
  10. Miguel Espinoza Fusion, Living In A Daydream