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By Ale Plyler Perez

Nostalgia is hitting hard this gloomy season and one thing that has sheltered me from the storm has been listening to the music I recall hearing from the backseat of my Dad’s truck. I’m channeling warm July nights, hand crank window. As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to love the songs that my Dad showed me more and more, and seeing them relate to my life and my values is very fulfilling. One of the first songs I remember hearing was John Lennon’s “Power to the People”. It was one of my favorites, and one day when I got older I was able to ask my Dad to play these songs for me again. These songs of love, solidarity, life, and death shaped me immensely as a person and as an artist. So whenever I get a little hopeless, I have something to fall back on that reminds me of the beauty of life when you’re a child. This playlist might not represent as much for you as it does for me but do enjoy!