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Philosophers, poets and ponderers alike are all in luck: tomorrow, March 1st, will mark the very first Night of Ideas in Santa Cruz.

The event, which was introduced to the US through the French Embassy, is a yearly occurrence coordinated by the Institut Français, a French cultural institute focused on fostering cultural exchange and promoting francophone and local cultures.  The event has taken place in over 100 countries worldwide, and since its inception, has provided a space where thought leaders, scientists, artists and activists can engage in performance, readings, philosophical discussions, and more.

This year’s theme is “Outside the Lines,” which, according to the organization, centers itself around “urban life and development, raising questions about the impact of climate change, new technologies, gentrification, and social activism, by way of diversity and inclusion, access to education and nature, the future  of  cultural institutions, and the shapes of artistic communities in built environments.”

This event is brought to the public by the Center for Public Philosophy, the Institute of the Arts and Sciences, The Humanities Institute and Cowell College, partnering with Villa Albertine.  The event is free and open to the public, and starts at 5 pm.  Those interested in attending must RSVP.