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KZSC Librarian

Jessica Pratt
Limited Edition Pond Scum Vinyl

Queen Jessica released her latest album “Here in the Pitch” last Friday. To sum it up, this album is 9 tracks and 27 minutes of heaven. Her songs are dreamy as always, but for the first time, she includes other instruments besides her and a guitar. We get some light drums and synth, bass, and bongos. This band expansion doesn’t necessarily create a bigger sound, but rather enhances the haziness and fullness that we’ve always gotten from Pratt’s raw, home recordings. “Empires Never Know” also incorporates a sullen piano melody.

If anyone would like to sell me their ticket for her show coming up at the Teragram Ballroom in LA, please, let me know. 



Rated 8.8 by Pitchfork.

My faves: “World on a String” & “Empires Never Know.”