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Img 3305
Photograph of the Moon and Lightning in a Bottle scenery by @Gettiny

Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) is a festival unlike any other. It is more than just the music it features, or creative artists, and workshops it has to offer, it is a celebration of coming together as one community to celebrate the beauty of life. It is a magical place where your wildest thoughts become reality as you have the ability to express yourself in any way, shape, and form. Event organizers describe the event as a “journey to the heart of well being” as attendees experience a transformative ray of events designed to inspire, heal past traumas, and connect to others who share the same interests and hardships. Once you experience the magic it beholds your curiosity will yearn for another magical year at LIB.

Img 3308
Macrodose structure at the Woogie Stage , Photographed by @Jamal.Eid

As you enter the festival grounds the vibrate and welcoming energy truly radiate throughout your body. Your inner wandering child begins to come out as you explore the festival and get deeper with the creative works spread throughout the festival grounds. The people you meet at LIB are truly the most genuine, amazing, and talented people you will ever come across in life. Everyone you meet is so genuine and full of radiant energy which truly adds to the overall experience of LIB. This years Lightning in a Bottle was truly life changing. With so many new features including the “Macrodose” structure installed at the Woogie Stage which resembled giant floating mushrooms in the sky really made you feel like you are lost in wonderland. The Woogie Stage is a place like no other. A place where you can let go of all fear and dance freely without a care in the world. Some of the artist we really enjoyed seeing this year at the Woogie were Nora En Pure , Rae Cola, and Fatboy Slim. Although we have spent the majority of our time dancing at the Woogie in past years, we decided this year we wanted to spend more time exploring other stages and discovering new acts we enjoyed. Here are a few things that caught out attention;

Img 3307
Photo of the Martian Circus stage and performer by @Jamal.Eid

The stage and performance we really enjoyed this year was Martian Circus which was a fun colorful neon glow in the dark stage where the performers were dripping from head to toe in the vibrate art playing live instruments that had a psychedelic jazz feel. 5D glasses were then passed around to the audience that truly brought this stage and the performers to life. The performers were super engaging as they included the audience in their show by passing a huge piece of yarn in which we were advised to hold on to and come together as one.

A new artist our camp neighbors introduced us to was Of The Trees which was another performance we really enjoyed. The set he played was bass influenced as he mixed hip hop songs, and other old classics which kept kept us dancing and engaged throughout his performance. Another cool aspect to his performance was the stage lighting and laser beams that followed the sound of his music. Not only is he a music producer, he is also a visual artist who utilizes virtual reality to create visuals throughout his performance which were really cool to watch.

Img 3306
The Lightning Stage photographed by @Jamal.Eid

This year Rufus Du Sol made a special surprise appearance as he took over the Junk Yard stage. Not only was this a huge surprise for me personally but to everyone else who have followed the artists and enjoy their deep/alternative house music style. I got to hear some of my favorite songs live including “Innerbloom” and “Underwater” during sunset which was so special to me. Skrillex was another artist I really enjoyed seeing this year as he took over the main Lightning Stage with his amazing performance. His performance definitely hit home as he not only performed songs he created years ago but also had a nice twist of new songs he incorporated in his mix. I could not stop dancing, moving, and smiling throughout his whole set. The performances by Rufus Du Sol and Skrillex were my favorite from the weekend, not only did I get to listen to the songs I love but I also got to see artists I have followed for more than a decade. Both performances were held on Sunday which was the perfect way to end the festival.

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Art Structure photo by @JYoung

Lightning in a Bottle is a place where you feel free as the energy radiates throughout your soul. Your inner child is reborn as you climb art structures, dance like no one is watching, attend yoga classes that remind you to take a breathe and appreciate how far you’ve come in life. Now that it is all said and done and we are back to our normal lives I am extremely sad it is over. It’s important to note that the experience and perception of a festival like LIB can vary from person to person. Some individuals may have different preferences or expectations, so it’s always helpful to research more about the festival, check out reviews from past attendees, and consider your own interests and preferences before making the decision to attend.

Huge thanks to the DoLab, the artists, and all the people who make this festival as special as it is and for creating a space for us to roam free and take a moment to appreciate the beauty of human life. Until next year Lightning in a Bottle..


Post by Agnes Nazarian & J Young.