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Anyone excited for the upcoming Olympics? I sure as hell am. I can’t wait to see if Michael Phelps can repeat his phenomenal performance in Beijing. What I’m most excited for, though, is to watch Usain Bolt compete. Call me unamerican, but I love watching that man run.


1 VINTERSORG Orkan Napalm
2 BONDED BY BLOOD Aftermath Earache
3 ICARUS WITCH Rise Cleopatra
4 SPECYPHI Long Time Coming CHI

1 GOJIRA L’Enfant Sauvage Roadrunner
2 NILE At The Gate Of Sethu Nuclear Blast
3 IHSAHN Eremita Candlelight
Lenfant Sauvage4 DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA Pandora’s Pinata Sensory
5 WHITECHAPEL Whitechapel Metal Blade
6 FEAR FACTORY The Industrialist Candlelight
7 SHADOWS FALL Fire From The Sky Razor and Tie
8 AHAB The Giant Napalm
9 WITCHSORROW God Curse Us Metal Blade
10 FOR TODAY Immortal Artery