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Self-branded as “Beach Goth”, the Orange County crew The Growlers are road warriors. Playing a seemingly endless string of dates, the quintet wander the country like modern day pranksters delivering a tight set of their jaunty organ-infused surf rock. Costa Mesa’s psych-surf garage outfit took time off the road to produce their third LP, a collection of  15 songs that capture the essence of rock ‘n’ roll born on the beach and raised on the road. “Hung At Heart” is the band’s most thought out release yet. While past albums have sounded similar from song to song, the Growlers make sure this record has tracks that stand out from each other. The opener “Someday” showcases the lyrics of frontman Brooks Nielsen. “Living In A Memory” has a western vibe that chugs along. “In Between” serves as a manifesto for the boozy day-glo group. The album is, as we say, “all killer, no filler” with something for everyone who wants to rock. You’ll definitely hear The Growlers on all sorts of  shows on the Great 88.