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If today’s weather was any indication, the summer sun is receding in favor of autumn fog and drizzle. Though the weather may be (hopefully?) getting cooler, the tracks our DJs are spinning are still hot as ever!

Top Ten:

  1. AHAB — The Boats of the Glen Carrig
  2. REANIMATOR — Horns Up
  3. WORRIERS — Imaginary Life
  4. KINGS DESTROY — Kings Destroy
  5. ACRASSICAUDA — Gilgamesh
  6. DOG PARTY — Vol. 4
  7. DELETIST — 3rd Class Cover Songs
  8. CEREBELLION — Regeneration
  9. PRONG — Songs from the Black Hole
  10. CHEMICAL BURN — Raining Anvils

Check out Like Red Foam (The Great Storm) off of Ahab’s latest album, The Boats of Glen Carrig: