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&Quot;Unnamed&Quot; By Cole Lemke Ink And Watercolor On A 18X36 Inch Wood Panel.
“unnamed” by Cole Lemke
Ink and watercolor on a 18×36 inch wood panel

We lost Greg Williams this year. He was a programmer and a warm and welcoming presence at KZSC for years and years.

On this Day of the Dead, we wanted to share this Cole Lemke artwork–in tribute to Greg AKA DJ Sequoia Slim and The Gemini Factor. It seems perfectly fitting.

Greg was known for his diverse programming and the wonderful heart that he opened up to KZSC and to his listeners. Greg left behind an online archive for us to continue to discover the “weird and wacky” music he shared with us. The artist, Cole Lemke is a dedicated listener, and it’s this diverse and eclectic nature that Greg embodied which Cole loves the most about KZSC. You can find more of Cole Lemke work at

Hope everyone has a joyous Day of the Dead celebrating the lives of our lost loved ones.