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KZSC has shed many a tear in the last couple days over the loss of a legend. As Vonnegut would say, so it goes. In preparing the CMJ Charts & Adds for the week, I discovered this new B-side, “David Bowie Songs,” released by The Spook School just hours before Bowie’s passing. In addition to Blackstar itself, The Spook School’s Try To Be Hopeful was one of our Top 5 Adds this week at KZSC. Check out the remainder of our adds, charts, and some sweet songs below.

Top 10:

  2. GALACTIC – Into The Deep
  3. SHEER AGONY – Masterpiece
  4. TY SEGALL – Ty Rex
  5. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE – “FloriDada”
  6. CASS MCCOMBS – A Folk Set Apart
  7. JOANNA NEWSOM – Divers
  8. GRIMES – Art Angels
  9. WARM BRAINS – Big Wow
  10. THE MANTLES – All Odds End

Top 5 Adds:

  1. DAVID BOWIE – Blackstar
  2. THE SPOOK SCHOOL – Try To Be Hopeful
  3. THE BESNARD LAKES – A Coliseum Complex Museum
  4. WRAY – Hypatia
  5. SUNFLOWER BEAN – Show Me Your Seven Secrets EP