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by DJ Cheeto

Favorite Tracks: Bohemian Trapsody, Can I Kick It, I’m Probably Gonna Rock Your World

Bobby Hall, AKA Logic, has recently released a novel titled Supermarket, which is also his first and only published book from the Maryland rap artist. Along with the album Supermarket comes his newly released soundtrack to this novel also titled Supermarket, which delves into an experimental approach straying away from rap music. Hall’s fiction novel Supermarket entails a psychological thriller about a boy named Flynn going through the motions of life while being confronted with some of life’s challenges and lessons. A short description from the book describes it as, “… A darkly funny psychological thriller, Supermarket is a gripping exploration into madness and creativity.”

The soundtrack introduces the album with Bohemian Trapsody—which stems from Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and is overwhelmed with enthusiasm as Hall sings about his excitement for catching feelings for a love interest. Hall continues to nod at other prominent artists like A Tribe Called Quest in his second song, Can I Kick It, which features new and upcoming music artist Juto, and again expresses the apparent loving yet tumultuous relationship with his recent ex-wife. Hall not only uses recognizable elements from other well-known artists like A Tribe Called Quest and Queen, but beloved Mac Demarco has also helped produce a couple songs: I’m Probably Gonna Rock Your World and Vacation From Myself. Demarco’s production helped create the typical sleepy sounds from synthesizing as Hall belts out the lyrics to these two album favorites. While most of Supermarket is about relationship turbulence and the emotions he has been through from his recent divorce, Supermarket delivers a feeling of enthrallment and eagerness to experiencing what life has to throw at us.

Hall demonstrates other components of music which seems to have strayed away from rapping in most of Supermarket, as well.  In songs like DeLorean and Pretty Young Girl, Hall astounds us with his incredible vocals while singing about his own life revelations that he’s been confronted with. In the song Pretty Young Girl, Hall maintains the continuous upbeat tone while using alternative elements from integrating acoustic guitar and piano. From listening to these different musical approaches, Logic’s album is far from boring as he expresses the different styles of music which he clearly has an appreciation for.

After repeatedly listening to Logic’s new songs (specifically I’m Probably Gonna Rock Your World and Can I Kick It), my faith in the concept of love has fully been restored, and the 6th day of Spring seems a bit brighter. I strongly encourage you to check out Logic’s new album and sink into a warm world of endearment, where Logic conveys the reassurance of life’s unexpected lessons and the admiration of falling in love.