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Art by (The Catalyst Club) via Facebook

The Atrium Goes Belico Style

On the evening of November 4th, I attended an event at the Santa Cruz Catalyst Club, which was marked by its adherence to traditional Mexican formal attire. The evening commenced with a playlist set of slow jams by “Peso Pluma” as I arrived. As the night progressed, more audience joined the gathering, and the music tempo increased. Energetic dance couples dominated the dance floor, eager to make the most of their night. Within the first three-quarters of the opening hour, the Atrium approached its maximum capacity, and the musical genre shifted from slow jams to popular styles like reggaeton to engage the audience further. At the height of this audience engagement with the latest reggaeton hits, there was an unexpected transition. The Atrium’s music shifted back in time to the 1990s, playing classic Regional Banda Music hits, which ignited an overwhelming wave of excitement among the audience. Those who had been lingering on the sidelines quickly rushed to the dance floor to join in the jubilation of these 1990s Regional Banda Music classics. From that moment onwards, the audience remained enthralled and energetic for the rest of the night. The Atrium’s music selection later reverted to a mix of “Peso Pluma,” popular dance hits featuring some of the crowd’s favorite sensations, along with lesser-known tracks, which kept everyone on their feet and dancing. It’s worth noting that the predominant age group among the audience was Generation Z, as the event had an age requirement of 18 and up. This demographic information highlights the event’s success, with deep-rooted traditions of Latinx culture present, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of the evening.