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Photo taken by Shiloh Markowski

By Natalie Gerber

Sad Park is an alternative emo punk band from Los Angeles consisting of four members. I was so excited to see that they were playing at the Catalyst since I have been a fan for a few years now and watched them open for Together Pangea. Now they are headlining! I ended up getting free tickets from my old housemate, which was very cool. The show happened to fall on a Wednesday so I knew the crowd was going to be small, but I was disappointed when it only ended up being thirty or forty people. My friend and I love to mosh, especially to their music, so it was a little awkward being in such a small circle, but we still made the most of it and so did the crowd. Graham Steele, the vocalist, has an extremely powerful voice and their new album “NO MORE SOUND” transports me back to the early 2010s when my older sister would play her emo music constantly. The album gets pretty angsty as it explores what it means to be a human in this heavy world. It was sick to hear some of the more intense songs live as some artists can’t pull off the emo scream like Steele can. I am super excited to explore more punk shows like this one since I am the new Hardcore genre director for KZSC! This concert review is sure to be the first of many!