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After a crazy off season with a lot of movement the NBA season is finally approaching. Almost every team in the league has a different look this year compared to last and that has made many people very excited for this season to start. There are so many storylines coming into this year some include the most anticipated rookie since Lebron James in Victor Wembanyama for the San Antonio Spurs, the New Bucks with the crazy duo of Dame Lillard and Giannis, the new Celtics with Jrue Holiday and Porzingus,the big 3 of the Suns with Booker, KD and Brad Beal, the Warriors with CP3 and so many more. Personally I have never been more excited for a season to start and now I will give some of my predictions for standings and awards for this upcoming year. My standings out west start out with Denver the defending champs keeping the number one seed as they had last year, I do believe that Jokic and Murray will continue to dominate in the regular season but that doesn’t mean I believe they will repeat as champions in the end. I see the Suns securing the second seed with their new super team. Third, I believe the Sacramento Kings will continue to surprise the world and they will have another amazing season for this young team. 4th I think the Warriors will come out strong and Steph Curry will show the world why he is arguably the best player in the league. 5th the Lakers, this might seem low for some but I think they have a deep roster that will complement Lebron and AD very well. 6th the Clippers, hopefully they can stay healthy and get their stars to play more games than they usually do. 7th I see the Mavs getting in here with Luka and Kyrie and some new pieces to play around them, I think they are one move away from making some serious noise in the West. 8th I believe Memphis will get this even with Ja Morant missing the first 25 games. 9th I think the Timberwolves will secure this spot and for them this will be another disappointing year even though Anthony Edwards will have an amazing season. 10th I see the Pelicans getting this spot and maybe even looking to make some trades to get a point guard to help Zion and Ingram out. Now for out east I think the Celtics will get the number one seed with the new moves they made to help shape out their roster. Second is the Bucks with the duo they now have. 3rd I think the Cavs will have a great year and make great strides to becoming a real threat. 4th I think the Sixers are right here even with the James Harden drama. 5th I see the Hawks having a bounce back year and Trae Young showing doubters that he is the real deal. 6th I think the Knicks get this spot but they are still a star player away from being real contenders. 7th I see the Pacers having a great year for their young team and Tyreese Haliburton has another great year. 8th I think the Heat will get this spot again but watch out for them in the playoffs. 9th the Nets with their well rounded young team. 10th the Orlando Magic will surprise everyone and make the play in, I see Palo being an all star with Franz making big jumps as well. Now the awards, I believe the MVP of this season will be Jason Tatum with my prediction of the Celtics getting the number one seed I feel like this is a dark horse pick for MVP. Rookie of the year will be Victor without any other competition with all the hype he has. Defensive player of the year will be Anthony Davis and some people will finally show him the respect he deserves. 6th Man of the year will be Malik Monk as he was snubbed from this award last year.


-Tyler Texeira