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Doolittle Ladybug, from left to right: Jack Nady, Lukas Farias, Alyssa Lazarro, Kyle Hutchings, and Nic Graver • Photo by Zion Doucettperry

Producing bugadelic rock all the way from Reno, Nevada, Doolittle Ladybug – vocalist Alyssa Lazarro, rhythm guitarist and vocalist Jack Nady, drummer Lukas Farias, bassist Kyle Hutchings, and lead guitarist Nic Graver –  is not your typical run-of-the-mill-five-piece jam band. They’re a group of diverse, like-minded friends, who share a raw and genuine love for music, coming together to create a new genre of music and community.

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Photo by Zion Doucettperry

If there is something to be said about Doolittle Ladybug, it is the level of comradery that the group has for not only their music but also the music scene as a whole. Members of the band have been long involved in the Reno music scene, all well known and hard-hitting veterans from many different subsets, converging into the experimental mixing pot that is Doolittle.

Alyssa was in a popular riot grrl punk band known as RadioMetric. Kyle was a mince-core aficionado from the hardcore scene, and Jack comes from an electronic producing background that emphasizes indie and hip-hop. On the other side of the spectrum, Lukas not only studies jazz drums, but also plays for the UNR jazz combo while Nic plays psychedelic rock in several Reno-favorite projects, in addition to Doolittle.

The band is unique in their pure heterogeneous and yet are still united.

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Photo by Zion Doucettperry

Jack Nady is the “torso of the project” (according to the band), he brought together the rest of the collective through connections from previous bands, childhood friendships, or from networking the music scene. Nady is described as the common connector and the “glue” that holds together the band with his years of experience of music production and band creation. Nady’s ongoing additional projects like Squib and his freelance production work ensure a steady stream of innovation and personality that manifests into Doolittle Ladybug. The band creates a new sound that draws heavily on indie and Midwestern emo influences, incorporating each of the member’s musical influences into one project.

While Doolittle is a newer band to the scene, by no means are they novices, thanks to Guitarist Nic Graver. Nic is a guiding light and genuine mentor for the band – the right hand. As the band elected “Band Dad”, the band looks up to Graver for not for only show management and musical critique, but also life advice. Graver, a multi-talented musician, plays in a variety of projects including the coveted Nightrooms and Blackstallion, both genre adjacent to Doolittle Ladybug. While there is a wide age range within the band, with Graver being the eldest and Kyle Hutchings, the youngest, there is no shortage of fellowship and admiration for each member’s work.

That’s what the scene is so good for –  connecting people of all age ranges… [older musicians] hanging out with young people who are trying to make a name for themselves. They’re mentors. – Kyle Hutchings

Doolittle 24
Guitarist and Vocalist Jack Nady • Photo by Zion Doucettperry
Doolittle 4
Guitarist Nic Graver  •  Photo by Zion Doucettperry

Kyle Hutchings was a late addition to the band, joining as the new bassist from the recommendation of Nady’s partner, Zion Doucettperry. Hutchings, a new high school graduate, is a well known character of the Reno punk and hardcore scenes, playing both drums and bass for a multitude of bands including Reno grime core hard hitter, The Olivias. Hutchings one day hopes to be rid of all their worldly possessions and teach global history, focusing on the influences of the Indus Valley. Somewhat of a sharp departure from their normal grind and mince-core bands to the Midwestern emo and indie sounds of Doolittle Ladybug, Kyle has been gifted the nickname of “Versatile Kyle.”

For Lukas Farias, drums and percussion are everything. As a classically trained drummer, Farias is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in music, specializing in jazz drumming. He has roots in funk and bluegrass music, often influenced by hip hop and R&B. Farias is deeply inspired by the faculty of the UNR jazz department and the work of his drum teacher, Andy Heglund. He claims that his bible is Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue.

Hutchings and Farias are the legs of the operation, manifesting unconventionality into rhythmic innovation. While both had their genesis in drastically different musical subsets, they constantly collaborate and combine their talents to keep the band running.

Bassist Kyle Hutchings • Photo by Zion Doucettperry
Doolittle 22
Drummer Lukas FariasPhoto by Zion Doucettperry

As a perfect balance to the masculine energy, Alyssa Lazarro is the face and the head of the operation. Lazarro is an all-around multi-talented musician with a background in guitar, bass, and vocals. Not only is she heavily involved with the art and music scene in Reno, she is also a full time student pursuing a Bachelor’s in Sociology. Lazarro’s life has been ingrained in the music scene, growing up on Surf Curse house shows and even involving herself in an all femme led riot grrl band known as RadioMetric, opening for big names like Destroy Boys, Dog Party and Slate. She practically lived at the famous Holland Project, attending hundreds of shows and being a beloved part of the Reno music community, calling it her second home.

Doolittle 3
Vocalist Alyssa Lazarro • Photo by Zion Doucettperry

Together, they are Doolittle Ladybug, a group of buddies from drastically varying backgrounds, joining together to create disruptive innovation, that makes people want to dance. The group contributes much of their success and involvement in music to the Holland Project, an all ages, low cost community space that empowers musicians of all backgrounds to find their sound. Doolittle is outspoken on the importance of community and the influence that music has, with members urging people to be open to all genres and to support local musicians. As a band, Doolittle Ladybug enjoys playing at house shows on the famous block known as The Strand and hope to play at other local spaces such as Reno favorite Fort Ralston. They especially enjoy playing house shows because of the contagious energy of the crowd and pure unadulterated happiness of people enjoying their music.

I fall into a trace when I perform, I turn into another person, projecting my message to the crowd, I feel like I’m playing with my friends for my friends. – Alyssa Lazarro

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Photo by Zion Doucettperry

One of the band’s favorite memories together was the sense of togetherness and mindfulness of a multi-hour jam session that followed a mediation retreat. Nady and Farias speak fondly of the creativity and prosperity that was bloomed as a result of meditative reflection and meaningfulness. Doolittle Ladybug’s mantra is all about meaningfulness – in music, in community, among friends.

The experience of sharing something you’ve worked on, is something that you feel and understand so well, and sharing that with others in a visceral, interpersonal sense…and seeing them connect to [your music] is emotional and makes you reflect on yourself when you’re up there and become liberated – Kyle Hutchings

Doolittle Ladybug has big plans in the future, they have a song about to release and an album not far behind, so keep your ears peeled. Follow them here for updates and upcoming shows.

*Author’s note: Nic Graver was not physically present at the interview but prepared a sole statement:

My only contribution is, I use a Q-Tron Envelope Filter pedal, a Quint Octave pedal, and a Big Muzz Fuzz [pedal] – Nick Graver

Special thanks to Doolittle Ladybug, the EP Listening Lounge, Zion Doucettperry, and John Frederick Jarvis.