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Sports fans, what does flopping mean to you? On May 31st, Slugtalk had an in-depth discussion about flopping and its place in semi-contact sports such as basketball and soccer where unnecessary contact is often penalized in the form of fouls. If you’re new to the term flopping, it is essentially when a player intentionally falls from little to no contact in an attempt to draw a foul call from an official. Does it hurt the integrity of sports? Is there a place for it and/or should there be harsher penalties for flopping? As it is, in the NBA right now, if a player flops egregiously the league reviews the alleged offense and then determines whether or not to fine the player anywhere from $5,000-$10,000. This measure, introduced this past year, seems not to have especially affected the amount of flopping in the NBA. A lot of players make their careers on taking contact and getting fouls called. So, what do you think, Slugtalk listeners?

Indiana Pacers Forward Paul George embarrassing Miami Heat Guard Mario Chalmers by hitting a three-pointer in his face after Chalmers attempts to flop but fails to get a call from the officials.