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Recovering from his latest battle with cancer last year, Rusko has come back in 2018 with a plan to take over the world. His awaited return began in February where he immediately picked up where he left off with a killer set at Wobbleland the Bay Area’s biggest dubstep/bass festival. Here he played lots of his old killer tracks such as “Hold On” and “Woo Boost”. After his performance at Wobbleland he shorty signed with Circus Records and debuted his single “Hot” which made it clear that he was back for good. Now he has just recently released a full EP titled Has Made 5 New Songs (which also includes “Hot”).

His song “Mind The Gap” captures why he was considered the king with his old-school wobbles. Exactly what seemed to have been missed by the dubstep community. The tracks “High” and “Emotional” explore a more melodic tone with the vocals and sounds that are implemented in the songs. In his 4 artist collab with Dangerous, Fraksure, Simskai “Walalangeleng” is a banger which involves a jungle/reggae/breakbeat style.


There is clearly nothing stopping Rusko from making his mark in 2018. His legacy had been revived this year and you can catch him at many festivals happening in the near future such as Deadrocks, Dancefestopia and Lost Lands.

You can listen to Rusko’s whole EP below!

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Written by: Joshua Vargas aka DJ Iehoa