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With its wavy hard-hitting production from OFASHO and catchy lyrics, it’s already a fan favorite and anthem for the summer and beyond with the amount of love it got in the first 48 hours. It has now surpassed 5,000+ plays in less than a month and is available on Apple MusicSpotify, and TIDAL as well. With the momentum rolling, Zair Williams is out to prove that it’s his sZn.
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Zair Williams, pronounced “Zi-Year”, is the young energy that you can feel from a mile away. He has a stage presence that’s as refreshing and authentic as his sound and image. You’ll see quickly that this artist has developed on a big scale, and doesn’t hold back with who he is, nor the way he wants to catch your attention! With an undeniable approach, he makes it apparent that he believes in himself, his music alongside his team, and before he’s done you should believe in the same things! Representing the collective, “Inner Haven Music” with an expanding recognition across cities between the valley of Northern California and into the Bay Area, they are making it clear that their mission to make a solid name and base for themselves will not be interrupted.
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Socials: @HearZair @OFVSHO @InnerHavenMusic